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Passing Standards for NPLEX 2

ND candidates want to know what the bare minimum standards are to pass NPLEX 2 is. It’s actually a highly guarded secret locked away in NABNE’s steel vault. But I understand why people wonder, because it’s a very challenging exam after months and...
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The Preparation Steps

So, customers get the textbook and then ask, now what? What are some suggestions on how to allocate their time in studying for NPLEX 2? With 184 pharmaceutical drugs, 163 botanicals and 70 homeopathics to understand well, the time spent studying them...
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The Breakdown of the Case Questions of NPLEX 2

Another common question I get is how NPLEX 2 exam questions are like. It’s a really good question and may seem daunting when one looks at practice questions NABNE posts in their outline, but it’s really straight forward as I will explain below. NPLEX2...
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How much should I study for NPLEX 2?

A common question that I often hear is, how much should I study for NPLEX 2 to be successful? NPLEX 2 (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations) is considered by far the most mentally demanding exams to become a full-fledged licensed Naturopathic...
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Pharmacology Preparation

Pharmacology may seem like a daunting task to understand as there are 183 pharmaceuticals that need to be understood. Let’s break it down systematically on the approximate percentages that will be asked on NPLEX 2: Hematology drugs: 8% Neurological...
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Overview of Core Knowledge for NPLEX 2

Welcome to our first blog post. I’m so excited that you found us. Here you will find: tips for using Core Knowledge of NPLEX2 resource manual study tips for making the best use of your time helpful hints on remembering key information from the book...
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