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Naturopathic Students

This resource is an exhaustive compilation of required information put together by Naturopaths who understand the new test format. It’s for graduating Naturopathic students who demand the highest quality study materials. It has been written to help them pass the hardest test they’ll ever have to write in their careers. The information is comprehensive, superior, and accurate. It is one of only two resources available for NPLEX2.
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Concise review of pharmacology that is easy to follow and access as it is presented by system. Extremely detailed. The relevant drugs for cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology are listed in the back of each chapter. They are tabbed differently than other organ systems so it is extremely easy to follow. The drugs are labelled according to classes. For example, antibiotics are with antibiotics. Then antivirals, vaccines, anti-parasitics.


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Concise. Reliable. Easy To Follow. Applicable. Up-To-Date.


Meet The Authors

We wanted to provide a better solution for Naturopathic students. Having gone through this rigourous testing ourselves we recognize that examination outcomes are directly correlated with the materials we have to prepare with.

Vincent Lun
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Vincent Lun

During his undergraduate work Vincent was exposed to non-invasive imaging techniques for brain injuries, as well as, acupuncture. This led to a passion in helping others through minimally intrusive measures. Read More…

Jeff Zeidenberg
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Jeff Zeidenberg

Jeff’s overall intention is to empower his patients by helping them to reach their own individual health related goals and to encourage them to take a more pro-active approach towards lifelong health and well being. Read More…

Tim Searle
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Tim Searle

Tim feels extremely blessed to be living out his passion of helping others. He believes in educating his patients in all aspects of health and is constantly being challenged to find new ways of helping naturally. Read More…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this book written?

As there are very few dedicated NPLEX2 resource guides we wanted to give students another alternative. Although there are many MD review books, the material isn’t entirely applicable. Therefore students end up wasting a lot of time just trying to find what they need.

Who is this for?

The book is primarily targeted for Naturopathic graduates who are preparing for the NPLEX2 licensing examination. However, it is also intended to be helpful for practicing NDs and ND students as a top tier reference guide.

Why should I trust the information?

This book has been written by four recent ND graduates. All of them have gone through this process and understand what students need. The book has been thoroughly researched and consists of the most up-to-date information. As well, it has been put together using strategic protocols so that students are able to locate information faster.

Why should I buy this book?

This book was created to save time, improve efficiency in studying and make you a better doctor. It is easy to read and there is no ambiguity. Therefore reviewing is faster allowing you to focus on the material.

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