Marano Publishing

Marano Final Logo2eWho We Are

Marano Publishing Incorporated is a full service publishing company. We specialize in all print and digital works related to health with a special interest in Naturopathic Medicine.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our aim to produce works that will aid both students and practitioners to be the very best they can for themselves, their patients, and the profession as a whole. We strive to make Marano Publishing the premiere publishing company for Naturopathic Medicine.

How was Marano Publishing named?

Marano Publishing Incorporated was named in honor of our Clinic Director Ornella Marano during our internship phase. She really made all of us enjoy our time at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. She had confidence in us and believed that we would be great practitioners in the future. She often told us that we would be doing great things and would have a positive impact on the patients we treated. Sometimes she gave us a hard time, but it was in a good way and we knew that it was from a place of caring. If we messed up she never hesitated to tell us. For this we grew to have great respect for her and wanted to show her our heartfelt appreciation by honoring her name with the name of our company.

What is NPLEX Review? is our primary ecommerce website where we sell study materials for naturopathic students.